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Sunday Weekly 1

This post is the first issue of the Sunday weekly that appears on Mondays. The idea of this weekly post is to share with you all the technology news I have read that caught my eye.

I hope you like it! Feel free to comment!

Firefox and Twitter

If you are using Firefox to browse the internet and, more specifically, to use your Twitter account, you might want to read this post that Mozilla published. Long story short: if you share your computer with someone else and both of you use the same Firefox session, bear in mind that Twitter direct messages are kept in cache for at least a week. The solution to that is to empty the cache every time or use different sessions in either your OS or Firefox.

Zoom meetings

Lots and lots of posts have been written regarding Zoom meetings service, so I am not going to add much more. Just the following: make sure you are using the latest app version for the moment Zoom patches this vulnerability you will want to get it, and for God’s sake put meeting passwords!

Marriot hacked… again

Back in November 2018, Marriot already announced a data leakage, with information regarding around 500 million of its customers. And now, not even two years after the hack that was identified as one of the largest in history, Marriot announced a few days ago that this time the leak is related to around 5 million customers of their loyalty program, Bonvoy. Data included full name and travel history, not that bad, although it is information that could be used for phishing campaigns. So be careful.

And that’s all for now. I hope you liked this short, granted, edition of the Sunday Weekly… on Mondays! More next week! Until then, stay safe!

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